What I notice…

The weather has been frantic here in the Springs; hot, cold, overcast, and rainy. As the typical pattern changes and temperatures plunder, I notice my patterns that are changing. I notice the desire to sink into old patterns. This feeling comes on stronger with every push I dredge through raw material. Choosing to withdraw from a challenging program in graduate school in depth psychology, allows unconscious material to move into awareness. Intellectual complexes surface.

Jungian Analyst Robert Moore illustrates:

“The soul doesn’t thrive on grand schemes of salvation or on smooth, uncluttered principles…Soulfulness is not created by naive exposure, what matters is not how much you expose about yourself in a conversation, but that your soul is engaged.”

As I sit here pondering, I cannot help but wonder, what next? Next. The notion sinks heavily. The shifting patterns are changing. Some good changes. Some sad changes. Family moving on, and family moving away. I’m moving away. I have moved on from old connections too. This is where the raw feelings incubate.

My life is filled with closure and openings. Death and rebirth. As I notice these paradigms, I also notice my desire to skip over the here-and-now of life. Where do I notice my focus on life? Do I ignore life? Do I bring life in? Do I choose to not talk about themes in my life?

I choose to avoid being stagnant by understanding my awareness.

Much quandary.

Come join me in discovering your patterns and the meaning to your very own journey.

Jeremy R. Allen, M.A.
Registered Psychotherapist
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