Microblog: Can men experience being angry and depressed at the same time?

Most of us have felt some bout of anger at one time or another. Whether someone cuts us off in traffic or the daily frustration from the job or even daily interactions with our family, anger often sneaks up and consumes our emotions and physical being. In men, Anger and depression can go hand in hand. Men often mask their symptoms of depression by holding back emotions, but this doesn’t last too long. Give it some time, and the next thing you know, the lid is off and he is angry and seeing red! Why do men mask this depression or why does it manifest as anger? More importantly, do men even know if and when they are masking depression? Let’s take a look at three considerations:

  • Men are not allowed to show emotions
  • Men must be solid, stern individuals who appear to be well adjusted
  • Men’s lives are not as equally restricted as womens

All are false. Men often feel as if they are not allowed to show emotions, quite possibly because they do not know how or if they have ever tried, they have been shamed for what they feel. Often, men have such constricted confines placed on them, such as being the head of the house, bread winner, and are supposed to have ‘everything put together,’ that they often hide these fears, therefore manifesting as depression like or anger symptoms. ┬áMen often allow themselves to believe in the societal constraints, forcing them to bottle up the anxieties of life, therefore unmasking as depression.

Maybe that anger actually looks like depression now?

It is important for men to seek out other men such as a therapist, to help support him in his transitions of discovering how much depression is actually running his life. Together we can explore what it means to allow other emotions in and learn how to accept and incorporate new experiences into our lives.

Is there anything in your life you are depressing?

Jeremy R. Allen, M.A., Psychotherapist
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