About Kronos

Kronos’s legend spans an eternity. Our original father shines down on us as a warrior of the land, destroying all he comes into contact with, including his own children. Legend talks about a warrior and father so mighty, he feared his children would one day over throw him. Legend rang true. Kronos devoured all but one child, the mighty Zeus. Zeus in turn overthrew his father, just as Kronos overthrew his father, Oranos. Depending on which mythological tale you follow, each father feared for his demise at the hand of his son that he took fate into his own hands and attempted to over through his own son. Just as each father was shadowed by their own children, today we see no difference in lineage. Often, men are threatened by their sons as such, they do not know how to act around them or even incorporate them into their life as a loving male…overthrowing them with silence.

Do you have a son who you have lost connection with? Are you a son who has overthrown his father and desire to connect with him? If so, I can help. Together we can write a new experience. One that draws on love and compassion. One that solidifies strength of men and bonding that enriches blood and heals wounds.

“This desire in the father to kill the child we ignore to our peril, especially since psychoanalysis descends from fathers.” – James Hillman